Basic soccer drill to develop speed and endurance

This soccer drill is designed to work on your players' speed and endurance skills. To get a successful football team, you want your players to have speed to get to the ball and the power to hold on to it.

This basic football drill can be used to get your players accelerating and sprinting at speed over short distances.

Speed and power basics – not strength

Similar to runners who go in for the 100m races, your young football players need speed and power. Use this soccer (football) drill to help coach these skills.

Soccer (football) drill to build up basic speed and endurance skills

Basic speed football drill tips

  • Pair up players of same speed and build.

  • In the diagram I have paired up players with similar running speeds. You should know your players' running speeds, just don’t pair up a fast, powerful boy with a slow, weak one it doesn’t work.

Run the football drill

  • Pass the ball into the path of the two running players. Whoever gets it first is the attacker and the other player becomes the defender.

  • The attacker must be strong, control the ball and get a shot in on goal, the goalkeeper and defender must combine to stop the ball going into the goal.

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