Soccer coaching game for teamwork strength and balance

Try the fun game called “Chain gang”. Will any of your players be a weak link and break the chain? Find out as you test their ball control skills.

This game is about creating teamwork, strength and balance, where the players have to link up in a chain and keep together around the course.

How to set it up

  • Set up an area 40 yards by 30 yards divided into two 40 yards by 15 yards channels.
  • You need 12 players, split into two teams of six, cones and two balls.

How to play it

  • Place a large cone or pole at one end of each channel.
  • The players are divided into two teams and start at the opposite end.
  • The first player dribbles a ball up the channel, around the cone and back to his team mates.
  • The starting player then links arms with the second player on his team and they dribble the ball up the channel, around the cone and back to their team mates.
  • An extra player joins the chain gang after each lap until all the players are in the chain.
  • The whole team must negotiate the course and the turn without breaking, and keeping their ball under control.
  • If at any time the chain breaks, the team must start again from the line without adding an extra link.
  • Play the best of three or five races and change the starting player as they have to work harder.

How to progress it

All players have to dribble a ball with them when they join the chain.

This article is taken from Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 Year Olds.

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