Sprint speed football drill

Increasing your players' sprinting speeds will have them reaching the ball faster than their opponents, which can change the outcome of a match. Use this sprint speed soccer (football) drill and basic coaching tips to help.

Sprint skills coaching tips

Tell your players to:

  • Keep their head and shoulders steady.

  • Lean forward slightly.
  • Only the front part of the foot touches the ground.
  • Keep arms working next to, not across, the body.
  • Lift the knees.
  • Drive forward with each stride.
  • Pump arms to chin height.

sprint skills soccer coaching tips

How to run the sprint skills drill

  • Use one end of a pitch with a goal and goalkeeper.

  • Split players into two lines at an angle around 25 yards from the goal.
  • The front players in the line begin by jogging on the spot.
  • You stand between the two lines and pass the ball into space for the front players from each line to chase.
  • The first to the ball wins the chance to hold off their opponent and take a shot at goal.
  • Repeat with the next pairing.
  • Make sure players switch partners.
  • Move both lines of players to approach the goal from a different angle.

How to develop soccer drill

Repeat this football (soccer) drill, but this time the players start with their back to goal, a few yards from their team-mates, and must tag the next player in line before turning for the ball.

Make the drill into a game

  • Set up a playing area approximately 15 yards by 10 yards with six players.

  • In pairs, the first two players, ‘A’ and 'B,’ start at the same end, with the ball placed centrally in front of them.
  • On the command of one of the other players not participating, they sprint to the ball.
  • If player A reaches the ball first, he must try to dribble the ball over the line at the far end, with player B defending. If player B reaches the ball first, he attempts to dribble the ball over the line both players started from, with player A defending. If a player is successful they get a point.
  • The next two players repeat.
  • Each pair has five attempts before players switch partners.

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