Team Management

These articles look at issues coaches face away from actually playing the game. Players and teams need to well-managed. Disruptive players need to be dealt with in a certain way, you have responsibilities towards the opposition, the league, the referee and the parents. These articles highlight some of the major problems you will face in team management and they offer great advice on how to deal with them.

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The difficult choices players face…

During the spring I had that awful discussion with the parents of the Under 12s because half the team has to choose between playing rugby or soccer on Sunday mornings – now they have started secondary school Saturday soccer has stopped because that day belongs to school sport. The problem for the parents is that […]

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Robert Page's 4 top tips for coaching defenders

Robert Page’s 4 top tips for training defenders

Robert Page was a hugely experienced defender who has clocked up over 500 senior appearances in the football league and 41 Wales caps. A dominating and fearless player, he offers us a fascinating insight into the things to work on as a player and now as a manager. “I’ve worked under some fantastic managers and coaches during my time, […]

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10 top tips – How to be the best coach

CLAUDIO RANIERI on winning the Premier League: “There are so many keys to this. Humility, the strength of the dressing room, they help each other at important moments, they play with the heart, the soul, they play 11. There was a good blend. I told them, “I love the English spirit”, because when I was […]

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Are you a dreaded Win At All Costs coach?

Coaches, parents and players all want to win matches. That’s only natural. But enjoyment is replaced by stress if natural competitiveness gives way to a “Win At All Costs” (WAAC) attitude. Answer the following five questions HONESTLY. Assume your team is aged between six and eleven and you’re playing seven a side soccer in a […]

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7 tips for a great half time team talk

Looking back to half-time in the 2005 European Champions League final, with Liverpool 3-0 down to AC Milan, captain Steven Gerrard was distraught and ready to concede defeat. Afterwards, all he could remember of half-time was the manager getting his pen out, writing down the changes he wanted on the board, and telling the team […]

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