Soccer coaching session for combination play

In this soccer coaching session, players have a decision to make. They must choose whether to shoot, or cross if sent wide. The build up is unopposed and involves combinations of play between four players. The aim is to coach youngsters to pass the ball and use combinations to create goal-scoring opportunities.
Coaching soccer players to use combination play

How to set up the soccer coaching session

In a 40 yards by 30 yards playing area, you need four cones, a goal, four outfield players and a goalkeeper. Have one of the four outfield players stand by the cones with a ball (the server), while the other three take up positions inside the playing area.

How to play soccer drill

  • The server passes to his team-mates, who combine with each other.

  • After passing, the server runs to receive a through pass in order to shoot at goal.
  • If the server ends up in a wide area, then he must improvise and cross the ball for one of the others to score.

Player rotation

  • The server joins the target players.

  • One of the three target players becomes the new server.

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