Soccer drill to get strikers shooting from a narrow angle

Young strikers need to be able to hit a shot across the goal when they are shooting from a narrow angle in the penalty area. Use these basic football tips and drills to coach your players.
A hard shot across the goal from an angle is difficult for the goalkeeper to save and hold. So I use this soccer (football) drill for my players to find the best place to hit their shots.

This is what your players should be doing in this shooting soccer drill:

  • Looking up to see where the goalkeeper is.

  • Keeping their eyes on the ball when they shoot.
  • Keeping their body over the ball to keep the shot down.
  • Placing their non-kicking foot beside the ball for a low drive.

Basic football (soccer) drill to get strikers shooting from an angle

Set up shooting soccer (football) drill

Use the penalty area and four players in positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (as in the image above). They will be passing into the attackers. Make sure you rotate the positions between serving the ball and shooting so everyone gets a turn.

On receiving the ball, the attackers bring it under control before shooting at goal. The first touch is important – they must move the ball into position, as opposed to simply stopping it when it arrives at their feet.

The attackers should note the position of the goalkeeper – have they covered their angles? Are there any obvious spaces to shoot at?

How to develop the shooting drill

You can advance this soccer drill by using the three players on either side to follow in when the attacker on the opposite side is running and shooting.

Key soccer coaching tip

When you coach this shooting soccer drill it will become clear to your players why shooting from an angle is so much harder for the goalkeeper to save. If the goalkeeper does make a save, they will be likely to push the ball into the path of the oncoming players on the other side.

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