Support play soccer coaching tips

Coaching young players in the art of support play can be tricky. The support player is often coming from behind and can see far more of the situation than the player on the ball, who is often focused on the opposition players in front of them. Use these soccer coaching tips to help your youngsters.

With one eye on the ball and the other on the defender your players will need help so they know where the support players are. If support players are running some way behind and calling out their name it is difficult for the player on the ball to work out where to pass.

If, however, the support player moves into the line of sight of the player on the ball they can pass the ball in the right place.

soccer drill to get support players moving into line of sight

Coach better vision skills

You can coach these soccer skills by focusing on how certain positions allow better support. If you focus on your right back, they are in the ideal position to support a midfield player on the right-hand side of the pitch.

If the right back goes on an overlapping run, the midfielder can take out an opposition player with a pass to the right back who will have more options to use the space behind the opposition player.

The opposition defender can more easily control a 1v1 situation with the midfielder but once the right back has overlapped they face a 2v1. All over the pitch teams can make support play work to the advantage of the team.

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