Vary the start of your soccer coaching sessions

Add variety to your soccer coaching sessions and keep your players interested and enthusiastic by starting the training night with a game instead of a warm-up soccer drill.

It's fun to sometimes start your training sessions with a game which everyone will want to join in. By mixing things up, your players won't know how the soccer coaching session is going to start so they will want to be there on time to make sure they are not missing out on anything.

When I played soccer (football) as a child, the first thing we did in every training session was a few laps of the field. Not surprisingly most of the players were in no rush to turn up for this immediate punishment.

Here's how I start some of my soccer training sessions:

  • As each player arrives for training, they join in on alternate teams.

  • Once the teams reach 6v6, the coach divides them into 3v3s.
  • If I can, I start the game before the training session start time. This rewards the players who arrive early and makes late arrivals rush to get involved.
  • Keep the game rules to a minimum and the pitch quite small. This helps you supervise without having to referee too hard. This set-up also gives a chance to assess player numbers and encourage others into the game. Any administration can be left until the end of the coaching session.
  • If I have more than one soccer coach at the session and am running separate soccer drills for my players, then players are already split for the main session.

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