2v2 around the box soccer drill

You get 2v2 situations all around the box. Players need to be able to attack and defend in this area. What you want to encourage in this situation is players being positive in attack and getting a shot in on goal. Defenders need to be patient and time their tackles well, both attackers and defenders should communicate with each other in their pairs.

Set up the soccer drill

Set up a pitch around 30 x 20 yards with two goals and two goalkeepers. You need three teams of two players. Put a pair of defenders in each half of the pitch and a pair of attackers starting on the half way line.

drill with 30x20 yard pitch, 2, goals and 3 teams of 2 players

The attackers choose one end of the pitch and attack the goal 2v2. If they score a goal they are rewarded with a second attack at the opposite end. If the defenders win the ball, or if the attackers fail to score, roles are reversed – the attackers become defenders and the defenders attack the opposite goal in a 2v2 situation.

The soccer drill continues in this manner.