Attacking support soccer drill

Support play is vital when your team is attacking, especially if they have built up play in the middle of the pitch and broken into the opposition half with chances to cross the ball or pass around the penalty area.

Without that support, the ball will go into the danger areas and be easily cleared by defenders who are under no pressure from the attackers. So to get your team supporting play, you need to set up some soccer drills to help them understand what they have to do.

In this drill, play is built up with quick passing, then the focus is turned to attacking the goal with one player receiving and crossing into the penalty area and two support players go to the near and far post to cover the areas the ball is likely to be passed into.

Soccer drill to get players practising support play

Run the soccer drill

  • Use half a pitch and three cones, A, B and C, in a triangle with five yards between the cones.
  • With accurate, sharp passing, player A passes to player B, who passes to player C.
  • Player C then splits A and B with a pass for player A to run on to.
  • Player A dribbles down the wing, while player B turns and runs to the far post and player C to the near post.
  • Player A crosses the ball for B and C to attack.

Key soccer coaching points

  • Accuracy of the shot – make sure it is on target.
  • Quality of the pass and cross.
  • Timing of the runs by the attackers.

How to advance the drill

Once players have practised this so they are getting on the end of crosses, you can advance the drill by adding one or two defenders to challenge the attackers.

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