Double your wingers soccer coaching drill

A useful soccer coaching trick, which I've found helpful in smaller 6-a-side games, is doubling up my wingers so the defending team is caught by surprise on one side. It gives the players a chance to combine and get good positions in front of goal to give them more scoring chances.

You need to make this a quick move and have all your players using good communication skills so they know what is going to happen. When your right winger gets the ball, the left winger immediately switches wings and supports them on the outside. This enables the winger to draw the defender and pass the ball on the outside and continue their run into the box.

It's a move to take the defenders by surprise, and to test their reactions. They may fall for it the first time but may see it coming the second time so make sure this tactic is used sparingly and is executed well.

You may also get your left back to move into the space the winger has left behind in case the ball comes across the penalty area, or to keep the defending team spread out across the back.

Set up the soccer drill with a 30 x 30 yard square and play down one side of it.

drill to get wingers doubling up and taking their opponents by surprise

  • The attacker moves forward with the ball, they aim to draw the defender before passing to the player outside to their team-mate.

  • The crossing player controls the pass and aims to get quickly to the goal-line whilst being placed under pressure by the defender.
  • They cut the ball back to their team-mate who can go on to beat the goalkeeper.

You need three sets of players – two attackers, one defender and one goalkeeper. It is a continuous soccer drill – when they have finished, each player moves on one queue so everyone has a chance to play each part of the drill, except for the goalkeeper who stays in goal.

Soccer drill tips:

You can use this soccer drill on both sides of the pitch, so players can get used to attacking from different angles. You can also award points for when the cutback is stopped by the defender or when a goal is scored.