Goal approach game

In this game, the aim is to get your attackers used to running at the goal from different angles. Ask your defender to call out an attacker's position and they must then get past the defender and attack the goal.

Players must be alert to the call and able to move the ball quickly for a shot at goal.
image showing direction of players and ball

image of goal attack game where defender calls name of opponent and attacker tries to score

Tips for setting up

You need to set up a 30 x 30 yard square for this game. In the diagram, I am using five outfield players and a goalkeeper. You can use more players by queueing them behind each other on the cones or set up a number of games.

How to play

  1. The defending player starts the drill by running out and calling the name of his opponent.

  2. The player who has been called quickly dribbles onto the pitch and plays a 1v1 against the defender.
  3. Once this attack is completed, the attacker becomes the new defender and calls out the name of a new opponent.

Where the players go

  • The original defender takes the place of the player he called out to start the drill.

  • The game continues for a set time period.