Overlapping in attack soccer drill

When you see good passing movements it's always disappointing when they come to nothing because the player with the ball has run out of team-mates to pass to. Use this soccer (football) drill to coach overlapping in attack.

When you are coaching this soccer drill, the emphasis should be on the movement of the support. At both 7-a-side and 11-a-side it is a soccer skills tactic that works well and one that is difficult to defend.

Use this skill as a starting point and encourage your players to experiment during matches. They might get overlapping wrong to start with but it gives them the opportunity to learn and the team will benefit in the long term.

Soccer drill for using overlapping attcks

How to run the soccer (football) drill

  • Start with the fullback (1A) passing the ball to a midfielder (2).

  • The fullback starts to overlap around the outside of the midfielder, while the midfielder passes to an attacker (4A).
  • The attacker turns the ball back to a midfielder who plays a ball towards the right corner flag onto the run of the fullback (1B).
  • The fullback attacks with a cross and the attackers (4B) and (5) run into the penalty area to attempt a shot on goal.
  • A good tip is to make sure you rotate your soccer (football) players so everyone has a go at overlapping.

Advance the soccer drill

You can easily advance this soccer drill session by adding defenders.

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