Soccer coaching 1v1 session inspired by battle of the Coles

This soccer coaching session is inspired by Joe and Ashley Cole. The session combines the players’ abilities, Ashley’s 1v1 defending skills and Joe’s 1v1 attacking skills.

Developing a player’s ability to attack and defend 1v1 is important. The best attacker doesn’t always beat the defender and the best defender doesn’t always stop the attacker, but players need to keep working to improve play in these situations.

Soccer coaching session to improve attacking and defending in 1v1s

Set up soccer coaching session

  • Use an area 30 yards by 20 yards with a four-yard square zone in the centre.
  • Place mannequins (or poles and cones) five yards from each goal.

What players should do

The player must pass across to the opposite player, then run to jockey backwards. Once the player has jockeyed into the coned square, he must take the ball from the other player and quickly dribble to the mannequin and complete a skill and shoot at goal.

Therefore, the player defends, then reacts to winning the ball to become an attacker. Players shoot at the opposite goal from the previous “Cole”.

Development: the Cole game

  • Pick two teams and have them take alternate turns in a continuous 1v1 game. When attacking, they are trying to score in the big goal, when defending they are trying to regain possession and score in the small goals.
  • The first team to five goals is declared the winner. As soon as a player has attacked, they become the defender for the next ball.

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