Soccer coaching drill to boost competitive 1v1 reactions

When you want to start coaching your players to have a competitive edge, I find it best to work them in 1v1s where they are concentrating only on their opponent and the ball.

Drills that focus on 1v1s force players to use all their soccer skills to try and win the ball. In this soccer drill, players need fast reactions because they are forced to engage in a physical confrontation to win possession. This is where the competitive edge comes in.

Soccer drill set up

  • You need a goal, a goalkeeper and players divided in pairs.
  • Start off about 20 yards from goal.

Soccer drill to get players practising 1v1s

  • The players stand either side of you and face away from the goal.
  • The players must react to your throw and race to the ball.
  • The first player to reach the ball becomes the attacker. The second player is the defender and must use their strength to compete physically to win the ball.

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