Soccer coaching drills for attacking choice

In this soccer coaching session there are different 2v1 choice games. The aim of the training session is to help coach decision making in different aspects of play. Players should always have a choice of passes to make so movement and support is vital.

What this soccer coaching session looks at:

  • Does the player support their initial pass?

  • Do they go towards the player in possession or make a run into space?

In the first soccer drill, look for the passing player to provide closer support, while in the second drill, your players will ideally make a looping run that brings them back onside before running into space to receive a pass.

Soccer coaching session to work on decision making

Soccer (football) drill set up

Set up a 40 x 30 yard grid.

The player passes to a forward of their choice.

The non-receiving player reacts quickly to defend the 2 v 1 (picture 1).

Change the soccer (football) drill to encourage the starting player to think about a good supporting run, the player passes back to a forward of their choice and must run back to get onside before joining his team-mate for a 2 v 1. The non-receiving player becomes the defender (picture 2).

How to develop the soccer drill

The coach passes across to the middle player who passes to a team-mate of his choice and a 2 v 1 commences. The two players attack the goal facing the player who receives the pass (the top goal in picture 3). After each soccer drill, the defender becomes the new passing player for the next turn.

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