Soccer coaching session for decision making

In this session, you need to get your players to make decisions. They have the chance to score in two goals at one end of the playing area, so they have to switch play quickly to catch the opposition off guard.

Use an area 30 yards long by 40 yards wide with three goals, each having a goalkeeper, as shown in the picture below. I have used three teams of three players but you can change this to reflect the number of players at your coaching session.

How to play it

  1. The black team attacking the two-goal end starts with the ball and can attempt to score in either goal.
  2. When a shot is taken or a tackle made, the defending white team takes control of the ball and attacks the single goal at the other end against three new defenders (the black shorts).
  3. Now, when a shot is taken, the black shorts attack the two goals that are now defended by the black team. The white team rests before returning to defend the single goal on the next attack.

Rotation of players

The team that started the attack defends the two goals then rests for a turn. If you are only using two teams, swap the roles after three attacks.

This article is from Soccer Attack! by Michael Beale which contains 80 shooting and finishing drills.

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