Soccer drill for 4v2 attacks

Good passing and movement will generate instances of 4 v 2 overload. Take these chances when they arise and you’ll win the game. This soccer training drill shows your players how to maximize the opportunity, improve their skills and have fun, too.

  • This soccer drill puts your players into a realistic game situation.

  • The pressure comes from the rule that if they don’t score then they have to sit back and watch their opponents come into the game and take the advantage.
  • Emphasize the importance of maintaining possession and study what you players do when they lose possession.

    overload drill to get players making the most of 4v2 attacks

How to set up the drill

Using a 40 x 30 yard area, you need to split it down the middle, as in the diagram.

  • Arrange your players into three teams of four for the drill.

  • Two teams of four start, one in each half.
  • The other team defend in pairs in each half.
  • One team of four starts with possession.
  • Their aim is to make three successful passes in a 4v2 situation, then transfer the ball to the team of four in the other half.
  • The other pair of defenders then enter that half and the drill is repeated.

You can advance your players' skills by adding a goal and a goalkeeper to this soccer drill.

One team defends in pairs against the teams of four who take it in turns to attack the goal creating a 4v2.

If they score they continue to attack until they miss, starting each time from the end line.