Soccer drill to get attackers crossing to the far post

When you watch professional players crossing a ball, they often take the option of crossing to a player at the far post who then plays it across the face of goal, which is very hard to defend. Use the following crossing soccer coaching drill to get your players working on the same skills.
I was working on this soccer drill in training with my players and saw the success of it in the match we played the following Saturday.

My players were knocking the ball across the goal and the player arriving at the far post drew the defenders away from the middle of the penalty area, so when the ball was knocked back our striker had a great chance to score goals. He scored three.

Soccer drill tips

  • Use three players and a goalkeeper.

  • The winger crosses to the far post.
  • The player on the far post meets the cross and lays it back into the centre.
  • The attacker has moved into the area and shoots at goal.

soccer drill to get players passing across goal to player on far side who lays it back to centre for attacker to shoot
Vary the soccer drill

  • Tell your players to change this soccer drill by playing crosses to the near post where the ball can be laid back or flicked on.

  • Get them to vary height and power of crosses depending on where the supporting players are.
  • You can also add defenders to challenge attackers.