Soccer drill to get attackers showing a disguise

Use the following soccer drill and coaching tips to help your players develop the ability to show a disguise when in attacking positions. This is a great training session for all ages and abilities.
What you want to see from your players are changes of pace, creative moves and signs that they are going for disguising their intentions – using bodies, eyes and feet.

Disguise drill tips

  • The defender passes a ball to the attacker and runs to defend.

  • The attacker must try to beat the defender and score in one of the goals.
  • You can use two normal goals with goalkeepers, or use two small target goals instead of a normal goal. 

soccer drill to get attackers showing disguise as they shoot
How would I put this soccer coaching drill into a game situation?

Play a normal game. Games will naturally create opportunities for players to be creative and show skill. You may want to keep the idea of two goals for each team to attack. Make sure your players are quick and sharp.

Players must make quick decisions and act on them – if they take their time, opportunities will be lost. If they take too long, blow your whistle and tell them they’ve missed their chance.