Soccer warm up drill to get players working on 1v1 reactions

This is a great soccer warm up drill, which will have your players competing for the ball in 1v1 situations. All you need is four balls and four cones.

Soccer warm up drill to get players reacting and competing in 1v1s

How to run soccer warm up drill

  • Have a line of numbered cones with balls on top of them.
  • Put the players in pairs. Each pair in turn has to bounce around in random directions.
  • Call out a number. The players must react quickly to sprint and be the first to knock the ball off the numbered cone.
  • The players can use their bodies and arms to hold each other off, but must not commit a foul.
  • Make sure you match players on both ability and size. There is no point having the fastest player versus the slowest, or the strongest versus the weakest.

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