Ball shielding skills put to the test

Games to put your players' ball shielding skills to the test.
When you have taught your players the tips and techniques for shielding the ball , you need to get them to do this under pressure from a team mate. These two games will give your players the chance to put their skills to the test – you need to keep an eye out for players getting carried away and pushing or kicking their partner during these games.

Remember some players will find it very frustrating at first and will keep losing the ball. Even professional players can foul an opponent when they get frustrated. Explain to them that they need to practise so they get better and better at these soccer skills.

Five-second keep ball

  • The set up is two players in a 10 x 10 yard grid with one ball.

  • The first player starts with the ball and when you give the command to begin, they have to shield it, for say, five seconds, from the second player who tries to win it. If the second player wins the ball, they try to shield it for the rest of the five seconds.
  • A good tip is to make the game more competitive. Let each player start with the ball five times and see who has possession the most at the end of the five-second periods.

Five second point stealer

Using the same set up and the five second countdown, play a game where the second player gets one point for stealing or kicking the ball away before the count of five, while the first player gets one point if they can hold the ball for five seconds.

You can increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the shielding time.