Coach the perfect nutmeg

Encourage your players to go through a defender using a nutmeg move, instead of going around them.
nutmeg move image

Key soccer coaching tip: the trick is to get the defender off balance.

  1. Control the ball before the defender gets within two strides of you. Determine which foot the defender has his weight on. Defenders are taught not to stand flat-footed, with their planted foot slightly ahead of their other foot.

  2. Push the ball to the outside of the defender’s planted foot. Keep contact with the ball as you push it no more than six to 12 inches.
  3. Allow the defender to shift his weight to his back foot while moving his front foot to block you.
  4. Redirect the ball toward the spot where the defender’s front foot was previously.
  5. Tap the ball between the defender’s legs. Step around the defender and you’ve opened up a number of possibilities.