Coaching session for developing movement off the ball

I have been working on support play with my team recently. As a result, some extra moves I’ve developed have really benefited my team – they’re relevant to players advancing their “pass and move” technique and the process of working the ball forward is obviously very match-realistic.

These are complex passing patterns but see if they work for you…

How to play it

Set it up as shown in the pictures above, using a 30×20 yards area. There are three players on the left (A, E and F), two players in the centre (B and C) and a player (D) on the right. The sequence is run in three parts:

  1. Player A plays long to player B who receives then passes to C. A runs between B and C, takes a pass from C, then feeds D. Player A rests in line behind D.
  2. In the next sequence, player E lays a pass to C, who drops to receive, before playing a one-two with B. Upon receiving the pass back, C lays into the path of E, who runs through the middle and feeds D. E joins A in resting in line behind D.
  3. In the final sequence, player F plays a one-two with C, before firing long to D who plays back to B. B now takes the ball on, dribbling off the end of the pitch to join D, E and A.

Now reset and play the move back in the other direction, ensuring players have been rotated so each one takes on a new role.

Technique and tactics

  • This is an unopposed drill so players should find ample opportunity to rehearse passing and support with team mates.

  • The running player is the key man – starting the move, making the run, then looking for the support around him, which results in him receiving the ball back.

  • The two central players combine as they would in a midfield set-up.

  • Runs must be well-timed, and passes accurate.