Fun soccer training drill for all round development

Make your training drills fun with this soccer coaching drill from Tony Carr, academy director, West Ham, English Premier League. In the drill players have to react to the next ball from a variety of positions – not only that, they also have to turn and be involved in the next part of the drill.
Your players should be working at match pace during this soccer drill, and be totally focused on what they are doing. Reacting to the next ball is a key soccer coaching point in the drill.

What is happening in this soccer (football) training drill covers all the corners of player development:   

  • Technique (skills, passing, shooting).
  • Physical (power, running, strength in 1v1).
  • Mental (decision making).
  • Social (communication, combining with team mate).

How to set up the soccer drill

Soccer drill to get players dribbling, shooting, reacting.
As in the diagram. Once you have shown the players what to do in this soccer (football) drill, stand back and let them work it out.

  • Player A – Dribbles and shoots – looks to help player B.

  • Player B – One-two with A and shoots.
  • Player A – In for the rebound.
  • Player C – Dribbles in to attack 1v1 against B.
  • Player B – Reacts from shot and defends 1v1.

Develop the drill

  • Player A – Dribbles and shoots.

  • Player B – Dribbles to attack 1 v 1 against A.
  • Player C – Has a choice of team mate. Calls team mate's name and dribbles to make a 2 v 1 situation.
  • Player A – React to player C’s choice.
  • Player B – React to player C’s choice.