Keep ball soccer drill to test ball control skills

Put your players' first-touch ball control skills to the test with a simple 4v1 keep-ball soccer drill.

Soccer drill tips

Play four attackers versus one defender in a 10-yard square. The attackers have to make, for example, eight consecutive passes (after which one of them swaps with the defender).

The defender must try to win the ball; if they win it, they swap places with the next attacker.

To progress the soccer drill, try making one attacker pass with their first touch, then make that a condition for all the attackers.

Encourage your players to…

  • Use both feet in the soccer drill.

  • Keep their heads up to follow the movements of their team mates.
  • Decide what to do with the ball before getting it – when the drill skills are transferred to a match situation this saves valuable time and helps speed up attacks, which is something defenders don’t like.