Simple ball control soccer drill

Using this simple soccer drill to coach ball control is an excellent way to teach young players of all ages how important and achievable such basic football skills are.

Soccer drill tips

1. The ball is played into the centre player who must control and pass to the player nominated by the passer – either number 3 or number 4 (he shouts the name before passing).

2. The centre player controls and passes the ball to the player at number 3.

3. Number 3 player controls and plays the ball back into the centre player who controls and passes to the next nominated player at number 4 who controls and passes back to the centre.

4. The centre player passes to the player at the top of the diagram and the drill starts again at number 1.

image shows ball control drill - centre player controls and passes to player nominated by passer

Vary the soccer drill

Tell your players to vary the pass to the receiver so he has to use both feet and at different heights so he uses different parts of the body. Get your passers to use different angles so the players concentrate on controlling the ball and putting both the ball and themselves into a position where they can make the pass. Tell your players to concentrate on good ball control techniques to create space to manoeuvre.

Key soccer coaching tips:

  • Vary speed, height and angle of pass;

  • Vary space between players to increase difficulty;
  • Try restricting the player in the middle to using his weaker foot for controlling and passing.

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