Simple tricks to beat opponents

Beating an opponent is a basic football (soccer) skill to teach your players. Use the following soccer coaching drills and tips to show them how.
Key soccer coaching tip:

Get your players to use quick feet and a change of pace as they go past their opponents.

It is important that you coach your players in how to create space by taking a player from the other team out of the game, by coaching them to wrong foot and beat their opponent. Practising these two simple skills will give the players confidence to try the tactics in games.

Drills to teach the tricks

In figure 1, player A runs with the ball towards the mannequin (or one of your helpers), he performs his trick to beat his opponent, uses a change of pace to go past and passes to player B who repeats the sequence.

image shows drill where player A kicks past the dummy into space

The technique or trick the players use is up to them. Get your players to use the trick that they are most comfortable with.

image shows how to get past opponent by using a wall pass

Extend the soccer drill

Progress the soccer drill, as in figure 2, by adding player C who acts as a wall. Player A runs at the mannequin as before but instead of a trick to beat his man, he passes to player C, who passes first time back to player A. This simple wall pass achieves the same objective, that is, beating the opponent.

Give your players a choice, either trick your opponent or play a wall pass. Let the player decide. Player B repeats the process from the other end.