Soccer coaching session adding time pressure

This session concentrates on using a good first touch to control the ball so players can make passes quickly. It shows players how a good first touch makes it easier to move into space and gives them time to see where their team mates are.

What their team mates must do is move into space – passing without movement isn’t going to get your team very far. This session will also encourage players to move between lines of opposition players to run on to the ball.

What to think about

  • Can your players receive the ball on the run?
  • Can they control with their first touch?
  • Are they using the correct technique to control the ball?
  • Can the team keep the ball moving?

How to set it up

In a 40 yards by 30 yards area you need two teams of four players. During the session you will need to add a goal and a goalkeeper.

How to play it

  • You pass a ball to one team to keep possession.
  • On your call of “freeze” the team not in possession must stand still.
  • The team with the ball must make 10 passes in between the opposition players as quickly as possible. This means they must move into space quickly, call for the ball, and control it first time before finding the next pass.
  • Switch roles each time so that the teams take it in turn to have possession.

In picture 2, I have added a goal and a goalkeeper.

Now when you call “freeze”, the team in possession must use three quick passes and movement to create and complete a goalscoring opportunity.

You can then move on to your training pitch and play a small-sided game, like picture 3, with two goals and goalkeepers. Every so often shout “WHITE freeze” or “GREY freeze” and see if your teams can complete a three-pass movement to create a goalscoring chance.

This session was originally in Smart Sessions soccer coaching plans.

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