Soccer coaching session to practise ball control in the air

Try this soccer coaching session to help players practise controlling balls in the air, so they’re not waiting for the ball to bounce, giving the opposition players time to close them down.

Start with a ball between two players who throw it back and forth, controlling it with different parts of their bodies by varying the height they throw to each other.

Soccer coaching session to get players controlling the ball in the air

Run the soccer drill

  • You want to see players taking the ball early without waiting for it to bounce.
  • Player A throws or kicks the ball from their hands in the air to player B.
  • Player B controls and passes to C who starts in a corner and runs to the opposite corner to receive the ball.
  • Player C then controls the ball and picks it up so they can pass a high ball back to B.
  • Player B controls the ball and passes to the left corner for A to run on to, and so on.
  • When they have done this for six passes (three to A and three to C) A swaps places with B, B with C and C with A.

How to advance the drill

  • In this game the player controls the ball with the added pressure of a defender. They must beat the defender and try to score in the small goal.
  • Player A throws or kicks from their hands to player B.
  • As A kicks the ball, player C starts running to pressure B.
  • Player B must control and beat C and score in the goal.
  • The drill restarts with A once the ball has gone in the goal or out of play.
  • Change the position of each player after six passes.

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