Soccer coaching tips to combine fast thinking and foot speed

When you’re coaching your strikers, a good tip is to get them to make the most of the speed of their thoughts and their feet. This is not just about getting pace on the ball with fast foot speed, but also using quick-thinking and decision-making skills.

Key soccer coaching tips for striker skills

  • Coach your strikers to anticipate so their pace counts. Run the first two yards in your head.
  • Never stop working on your strikers’ pace but get them to compensate for any lack of speed with an abundance of forward thinking.
  • Strikers who have pace to burn often rely on that pace too much, so they have no time to get the ball under control and balloon the shot over the bar.
  • Get your strikers’ thinking to be as quick as their feet and they will score a lot more goals.

What to say to your players

  • “Most sprints in soccer (football) are short — somewhere between 5 and 15 yards. A “headstart” of two yards over such distances is often an overwhelming advantage.”
  • “Anticipate where the pass is going before it happens.”
  • “’See’ your run into the box before it happens.”
  • “Know where you are going to push the ball past that defender before it happens.”
  • “It is this approach that will give you that ‘headstart’ but you need to be alert and awake to the opportunity.”

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