Soccer drill to coach drag back skills

When your players find themselves on the pitch surrounded by other players, with not a lot of room to move, they need to use their soccer skills to drag back on the ball.
practising drag back

Key soccer coaching tip: It’s pretty easy to teach, but tell your players speed of feet is key.

  1. Get your players to begin the soccer drill with their foot on top of the ball.

  2. The foot stays in contact with the ball for the whole of the move.
  3. Tell your players they must practise balance and speed of feet to improve their soccer skills. Balance using the standing leg is very important.
  4. Your kids must hold the opposition at bay by rolling the foot on top of the ball then roll the ball back quickly.
  5. Tell your players that after rolling the ball back, they move off in the opposite direction. These skills need plenty of practice.