Soccer drill to coach the roll

We've already looked at soccer drill to coach the basic step across used to shield the ball from an oncoming opponent. This is where you coach your players to step over the ball to put either one, or both legs between the ball and their opponent. Next, we look at the follow-on move to show your players.
Now that your players are able to hold the ball, you need to coach them in various techniques to enable them to pass the ball or take advantage of a mistake by the defender to get past him.

Using the roll

The roll allows the player holding the ball to move the ball into positions where the defender cannot win it, and coaching this will give your players the skill and confidence to create space and carve open the opposition defence.

Coaching the roll drill

Working in a narrow grid in pairs, get one player to pass the ball to the other player who must adopt the step-over position. I suggest you do not let the defending player try to tackle at this stage. Get your players to move the ball with the sole of their free foot by rolling the ball back and forth, combined with putting the foot down to allow movement of the standing foot.

Drill to perfect the roll

There is a knack to doing this, which is only gained by practice. Suggest to your players that they work on this at home by using a wall as the opponent. Tell them to lean on the wall with their shoulder and roll the ball around in a circular motion with the sole of their foot. This allows them to keep their balance and successfully move the ball around.

Putting the roll into action

When your players are familiar with this technique in training, take it to the next stage. Play a game where the defender gets a goal if he can steal the ball or kick it away before the count of five, while the attacker gets a goal if he can hold onto the ball to the count of five. Increase the holding time as your players become more adept at the skill.

Advancing the drill

Once your players can roll the ball around for a count of 10, add a third player who joins the action on a count of five, to accept a pass and move play on.

image shows rolling the ball to keep possession of the ball

Use a wall to practise a soccer-rolling drill

This is a skill which your players can easily practise at home. Tell them to lean against a wall with their shoulder as though it is an opponent. They should practise rolling the ball with their foot, moving around and getting into position to make a killer pass. They should do this soccer drill again and again until they can keep their balance and learn to move around while in control of the ball.