Soccer drill to get players fooling opponents with footwork skills

This clever trick is a superb way of making a defender think his opponent is going one way, when he’s about to go the other way. Use these soccer coaching tips to improve your players’ ball control skills.

Players should slow down as they approach the defender, use their arms for balance, then accelerate away from the defender after the trick.

Soccer coaching tips to teach ball control trick

  • Begin by shifting the ball alternately with the outside and inside of the kicking foot while stationary, as in picture one, above.
  • Now, with the right foot at the back of the ball, use the little toe to move the ball to the right.
  • Keeping the foot in contact with the ball, move around the back and use the big toe to bring the ball back to the left.
  • Increase speed until this becomes one smooth movement.
  • Repeat with weaker foot.

Put drill into a game situation

  • Two teams of four players line up approx 20-25 yards away from goal.
  • The first player from team A tries to use their skill to beat the first player from team B and score a goal past a goalkeeper.
  • After the shot, the first player from team A becomes the defender in the 1v1 situation and tries to stop the second player from team B.
  • Award points for players successfully creating space for the shot, and scoring.
  • The team with the most points wins.

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