Soccer drills for footwork skills

Quick feet are vital to making basic soccer skills work. Coach your players to use a simple side-drag move with the following training tips and drills.

Quick feet win matches

They also shut up the touchline hecklers. Everyone can see and appreciate how the ball has been controlled and moved to fool the opposition player. It's mastery of the ball, a simple side drag here, a little push there – all add up to clever movement by the player on the ball.

It is something you should be talking about with your players, showing them simple soccer skills and sending them away with a ball to practise doing them.

The side drag is a nice, easy soccer drill to start with. Go through it with your players step-by-step so they understand what they are supposed to do, then get them doing it quicker, and finally get them using the skill under pressure from an opponent.

Tips to get side drag skills right

Remember: It always pays to try a technique yourself before starting the soccer drill, so you know how it should look when your players start doing it…

With the sole of the right foot on top of the ball, the player performs three or four "sideways" drags of the ball, always using the right foot; he drags his foot over the top of the ball from right to left, planting his foot down to the ground after each action. Quick feet, speed and control are the key soccer skills here.

Extend the soccer drill

The drill progression is to dummy by dragging the ball left, but, once you have rolled your foot over the ball to the ground, quickly using the outside of the same foot (right), push the ball away to the right.

Got it? Now take a ball to work and get everyone in the office trying it, it will help you when you have to coach your next soccer skills session.

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