Soccer drills to teach circle turns

Run rings around your opposition by giving your junior players skills in using circle turns. Use the soccer following drills to boost your players' skills.
There are two types of circle turn

  1. The inside of the foot.

  2. The outside of the foot.

The most commonly used turn is the outside circle turn. Try a soccer drill to get your players using an outwards cocked foot tapping the ball three to four times to make a circle.

When should your players use these skills?

Pressure situations to spin off an opponent and explode away on the last tap. Your players must add an explosion to the last tap so that the ball is pulled with the foot into the new direction. It is fine to let your players do partial circles because in matches it will not be perfect full circles that let them give defenders the slip and accelerate away into the box.

The key soccer coaching tip to using circle turns well is for your player to be able to look up as the ball is being turned, so the ball can be laid off to a team-mate. You should always direct your players to lay the ball off in this situation, if they can, because the position of their body is shielding the ball away from the opponent who has come in to tackle. However, if there is no one to lay the ball off to, then your player taps and goes.

Circle turn drills

When you're coaching the idea of the circle turn, put your players into twos and put the circle turn into action. Player one
plays the ball into player two who gets into the shielding position, then uses the circle turn once the first player gets within contact range. But do not, at this stage, let the defender tackle. Get that player to act more like a shadow, crowding the receiver as he makes the circle.
drills for circle turns

Remember the basic shielding posture

Bend the knees; get the arms out; and use body weight to push back into the opponent. Get them to keep their bottom down; bend the knees and push hard back into the opponent. Keep body weight on their support leg to be able to free their far foot and use it to roll the ball around.