Soccer spin skills drill

Coaching your athletes to spin 360 degrees to lose the opposition is a valuable skill. Think Maradonna and Johan Cruyff – this spin drill leaves defenders for dead…
spin skills drill

Key soccer coaching tip: This is a complex move… keep it for your under-15s and under-16s.

  1. Start the soccer drill by shielding the ball from the defender to the outside and front.

  2. Fake with the near foot, as though you are going to kick the ball forward with the laces.
  3. Instead, roll the front sole of the foot up over the top of the ball, and spin toward the opposite direction while dragging the ball back using the foot touching the top of the ball.
  4. After finishing the spin, you will end up positioned in the other direction, the foot used to touch and draw the ball back is on the ground, and the ball is in position to move forward.