Stop and go soccer coaching drill

This is a great soccer coaching workout for players of all ages. Get your players running, stopping the ball and controlling it around a series of cones.

Players must use skill, technique and agility in this soccer drill. It also needs a soccer brain because your players not only have to control the ball, then stop it, they are also under pressure to see where they are going.

Soccer (football) drill session to get players working on run and stop ball control skills.

Stop and go drill set up

  • Set up eight cones with a ball on each row, as shown in the diagram.

  • Tell players to run to the first cone, control the ball while running across to the opposite cone and stop it with their foot next to the cone. Then move up a cone, collect the next ball and carry on.
  • If you get two sets going, as in the diagram, you can have them running against each other. First team to the finish wins.
  • When the first player moves up to the second row of cones, player two goes from the opposite side. So all they are doing is running to the cones and controlling the ball as they move across the cones and move up.
  • Don't worry if the ball goes all over the place at first because it takes a lot of concentrating to get the ball to go where the players want. 

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