Football crossing skills drill

This soccer coaching session is about getting the ball into wide areas, creating crossing opportunities and getting players into the box to convert chances. With so many goals scored from crosses, it is vital that your young football players have the ability to create and finish from them.

By playing the ball into wide areas, your team stretches the opposition’s defense. This often leads to space in central areas. It is important that players – particularly midfielders – are willing to make runs into the box and get on the end of the cross.

Soccer (football) crossing drill

How to run the crossing skills soccer drill

  • In a 60 by 40 yards area, the coach passes to one of two attackers who must combine with their strike partner and pass out wide to the full back.

  • The full back dribbles forward and passes down the line for the wide player to cross into the box.
  • The two attackers run into the penalty area and try to score.
  • In the next stage, the attackers pass directly to the wide player who dribbles inside, allowing the full back to overlap. The wide player makes a reverse pass for the full back to cross into the box for the two attackers to try to score.

How to develop crossing skills drill

  • Add defenders to the crossing drill.

  • The attackers have a choice of passing to the full back or wide player. The full back and wide player must react according to the pass made.
  • The attackers must time their runs to arrive with the cross and get in front of the defenders to get to the ball.

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