Soccer coaching session to get players practising crossover runs

It is one thing having good soccer skills, but you need to use tactics in matches that allow your players to exploit those skills. A great way to do this is to practise clever crossover runs which create space and time with quick movement to send the defenders the wrong way.

What to get your players to do

In an area 20 yards by 25 yards (you can start outside the penalty box and use a full-sized goal), two attackers play against one defender and a goalkeeper.

The first attacker passes the ball forward to the second attacker, who controls it and dribbles across the face of the defender. The first attacker follows his pass.

The second attacker can stop the ball and sprint away, leaving it for the first attacker to cross over behind, or use quick feet to fool the defender before moving off in the opposite direction.

Soccer coaching session for crossover runs
Try two or three different ways to get the second attacker using soccer skills to move the ball in such a way that the defenders think it is going in a different direction to the one the player moves off in.

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