Soccer coaching session to make the most of crosses

Encourage your players to get into the right position to take advantage of crosses with the help of this soccer coaching session.

It happens to a lot of attackers – they see the ball travelling towards them from a cross but are frozen to the spot and fail to get into a position to take advantage.

Taking advantage of crosses is key to winning matches – especially when your team has done all the hard work to play the ball into a position where it can be put into the net.

I like to use soccer drills that make my attackers think about their position in relation to the ball, so it comes naturally to them when they find themselves on the end of a cross.

This fast-moving crossing game tests attackers’ ability to score with their head or their feet. The players are constantly moving and finding the right positions to take advantage of the balls played into them. It recreates situations your attackers will face in the matches they play.

Soccer drill to get players taking advantage of crosses

Run crossing soccer drill

Check out the illustration above. You have to make sure your players are performing at pace and thinking about where they are running and the accuracy of their passing or shooting.

  • Set up a 30 yards by 30 yards playing area or use the penalty area of your pitch.
  • Place two cones 10 yards apart, which players have to run around.
  • Have your main group of players – you need at least two – stand top left of the playing area with a few balls.
  • You, or a server, stand top right with a few balls.
  • You need a player standing at position B, who crosses the ball.
  • Use two goals and two goalkeepers – keep changing the goalkeepers.
  • The first player in the group (player A) passes to player B, then runs around the cone into a position to score in goal 1.
  • Player B then runs towards goal 2 and shoots from a ball played by you. Player A then replaces player B, who returns to the group. Repeat.

Advance the soccer drill

You can advance the soccer coaching session by adding a defender by each goal to try and stop the attacker or win the ball. Make the session competitive by using two groups of players and see who scores the most goals in five minutes.

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