Soccer coaching session to succeed in crossing situations

One of the most effective ways to score goals is for an attacker to progress up the wing and pull the ball back from near the goal line for a team mate in the penalty area to shoot from. This session will help your players succeed from such crossing situations.

  • When the wide player gets to the goal line, there must be movement inside the box.
  • The team’s forwards and midfielders must ensure they make runs so that the near post, far post and centre of the goal are covered if the ball reaches those areas.
  • Also one attacker should make sure he ends up on the edge of the penalty box and hold this position for pulled back passes.
  • Making sure the whole penalty box is covered will give the team a greater chance of scoring goals in these crossing situations.


Split your squad into four groups of players, using the final third of the pitch, as in the top picture. The first wide player in one of the lines dribbles the ball to the goal line (outside of the cones) and then pulls the cross back into the penalty box so that one of the forwards can try to score a goal.

The wide player now joins the nearest line of forwards and the forward joins the nearest line of wide players. The next attack begins from the opposite wing and is continuous until everyone has practised the pull-back cross and shooting.


Use half of your normal-size pitch but set up an extra goal on the halfway line as in the middle picture.

You or an assistant coach stand on the centre line to one side and pass a ball to one of the team’s wide players who dribbles the ball to the by-line.

The wide player now pulls the ball back for his team mates who make movements to lose the defenders and score a goal. Immediately after this attack, you or your assistant turn and pass another ball into space for the opposite team’s wide player to run and cross at the opposite goal.

Make sure whoever is serving the wide players swaps sides so both teams try attacks from different sides of the pitch.

Game situation

Split a 40-yard square into three zones.

Two teams play inside the central area. Both teams send a wide player to the outside of either side of the pitch to provide width and crossing opportunities. To score a goal, teams have to switch the play from the centre to the wide players and then make runs into the attacking zone.

When the wide player receives a pass, he must take a touch to go towards the by-line before pulling back a cross for the attackers to run and score a goal. This is the only time any players, except the goalkeeper, can enter either end zone.

The team which scores most goals – which must be from pull-back crosses – wins.

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