Soccer drill for crossing combinations

Crossing is a vital soccer skill for any player. This soccer drill gets players thinking about combination play by developing crossing ability, as well as the build-up play needed to create crossing opportunities.

What you are looking for in this soccer drill

  • You are looking to see your players involved in quick, combination play in wide areas to create space for an accurate cross.

  • Each player should practise crossing with their right and left foot, so run the soccer drill on both sides of the pitch.
  • Make accuracy, rather than pace, the focus of each cross in the drill.
  • Combination play should be quick, one-touch passing.

Soccer drill to encourage combination play and get team crossing and creating crossing opportunities

How to run the drill

  • The wide player passes into the forward and sprints to receive a return pass. The wide player crosses for the forward on the opposite side to attack.

  • After each cross, the forward moves to the inside gate ready to attack the cross coming from the opposite side. The starting wide player goes into the first gate to become the forward for the next turn.
  • After attacking a cross, the player collects the ball and joins the queue of wide players on the other side.

How to develop the soccer drill

  • The wide player passes to the forward and moves infield to receive a lay-off. The forward spins wide and receives a pass into the wide area to cross for the opposite forward.

  • You can add an extra level of complexity by introducing yourself as a passive defender, requiring the wide player and forward to communicate to decide which route to the crossing zone will work best.

 Do not obstruct the drill itself.

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