Soccer drill to get wingers working on their crossing skills

This soccer (football) drill, which was used by Ryan Giggs in a training session, can be adapted for both left and right wingers. It gets your players used to crossing the ball to the front and back of the penalty area.

Wingers soccer drill with crossing skills

Spend time on individual skills soccer drills

I was watching Ryan Giggs training recently, and thought about how good it would be to be able to spend a lot of time with my individual players and concentrate on what they do best.

So I asked a couple of my players to turn up 20 minutes early at our soccer training session so we could run through a few soccer (football) drills. My assistant and I spent the whole time using this soccer drill, which was used by Ryan Giggs in training.

Split the penalty area into zones for the drill

The penalty area is divided into very tight squares numbered one to ten. When the coach called out a zone to Giggs, the player had to cross the ball so it landed in that square.

It was a very precise soccer (football) drill. In the drill, the coach had a lot of balls and played them to either position one or position two for Giggs to run onto and cross first time to the called-out zone.

How to adapt the Giggs soccer drill for younger players

As I was coaching under-15s I could use all the zones, but if you're coaching younger age groups you could just shout "near," "far" and "penalty spot."

There is also an opportunity in this soccer drill to work on cutback skills where the player crosses the ball back to the edge of the penalty area for players running in.

Soccer drill to work on run and cross skills

For players who cannot cross the ball very far, this soccer (football) drill is a good exercise to get them to run onto the ball and cross it using a good technique – their skills will soon progress.

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