Soccer drill to improve crossing skills

Use this soccer coaching session to help your wingers improve decision-making skills when they have to decide whether to cut inside or outside to beat a defender.

When you are coaching crossing skills with your players, you don’t always have to make them run down the line and swing the ball in. Often during a game, your wingers or full backs will be forced inside by the defenders’ position and will have to hit an in-swinging cross rather than one that bends away from the goalkeeper.

So if finding the space to cross is not always available from straight runs, how do you get your wingers to choose between cutting inside or taking on the defender on the outside?

In this soccer coaching session wingers have to decide between moving inside and outside to cross the ball.

Soccer coaching session to improve crosses and decision making

Player movement Ball movement bar

Set up soccer coaching session

Mark out a 30 yards by 30 yards area and use four mannequins (or poles/cones), bibs and balls, a goal and a goalkeeper. For this session, you need six outfield players.

How to play it

  • The wide players work towards the goal and choose which cross is to be made.
  • The wide players complete a skill to go past the mannequin on the outside and make an out-swinging cross using their right foot.
  • Or, they can cut inside the mannequins and make an in-swinging cross using their left foot.

How to rotate your players

The soccer drill runs continually for a set period of time before the attackers and crossers switch roles.

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Check out this soccer drill to extend your players’ crossing skills and replicate match situations.