Defending and attacking on through passes

Through passes are a very important part of the game, both for attackers and defenders. Both types of player must react quickly to either capitalise on the danger or clear the danger. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drills to focus your players’ minds on these skills.

In this soccer drill session, you are concentrating on three things:

  • Attacker in possession
  • Attacker without the ball
  • Defender

You want your attackers to get a shot in on goal, and your defenders to isolate the attacker in possession, cut off the pass and force him wide.

This situation happens many times in a game after a through pass is made. You must ensure the through pass is realistic in this soccer drill. The attacker has a split second to take advantage of this situation, before the defender turns and moves.

soccer drill session to get through pass to goal

You can vary the starting distance from the goal depending on the age of your players and the intensity required. The coach or waiting defender starts the soccer drill by playing a through pass.

The drill session then continues until the ball leaves play. For the next attack, the defender changes positions with the forward that received the through pass. The forward not receiving remains in the same position.