Fun Defense Soccer Games For Kids

In every training session, incorporate some fun soccer games for kids which are competitive and motivate your young team.

Giving defenders a proper structure and the correct tactical approach will make their role as a defender much more rewarding and will save your team lots of goals. The best way to do this is by introducing the theme of defense with competitive, fun team games and soccer training drills.

By the way, follow the link to get more fun soccer games and drills.

Key coaching tips for teaching defense to kids:

  1. Do NOT tell your players that they are working on a defending drill – some young players will not respond well to that scenario.
  2. Instead, encourage them by telling them that they can win the games by using good defending skills,
  3. Your players will work extremely hard at defending in order to beat the other player and win points for their team
  4. Remind them of the proper skills and don’t let them commit fouls – it should be fun but not too rough.


Fun defending game for young players in 3 parts with warm up, tackles and cone kicks

Here’s how to set up ALL 3 fun defending games:

  1. Mark out two 10 x 10 yard areas.
  2. Pick two teams of five players.
  3. Number the players 1 to 5.
  4. Number 1 from each team must go into the other team’s area.

Fun Soccer Game 1 – stop the other team making 20 passes: The team of four pass one ball around the area. The defender must continuously try to stop them completing passes. The first team to complete 20 passes is the winner.

Fun Soccer Game 2 – tackle all four attackers: Each of the attackers dribbles around the area with a ball. The defender must tackle or dispossess them quicker than the defender in the other area.

Fun Soccer Game 3 – knock all four balls off the cones: the attackers must each defend a ball balanced on a cone by using good ball-shielding skills. The defender must knock the four balls off the cone quicker than the other defender.

The team is awarded one point for each game they win.