Jailbreak soccer drill to work on shielding skills

Use this fun jailbreak soccer drill to develop your players' skills and techniques for holding the ball and to improve their quick passing skills. You're also getting them to practise the art of closing down to win the ball.
Jailbreak soccer game for passing, shielding, closing down skills

How to set up jailbreak game

  • Set up so you have three pairs in a 20 yards by 20 yards square.

  • Each pair should have a ball that they pass between them. One of the pair is A, the other B.
  • You need three outside players who are in “jail”. They are the Cs.

Run the game

  • Tell the Cs to jog around the outside of the square in any direction. When you shout “jailbreak” they must run around the cone on the corner of the square in front of them and enter the square to try and win a ball off one of the pairs.

  • If one of the balls is won fairly, all of the players are out of jail and the Cs swap with the A players. The As go to jail outside the box and you start again.
  • On your call of “jailbreak” the As try and win a ball. If they do, the As swap with the Bs. And so on.
  • The jailbreak players must act independently, so each player tries to win a ball – they cannot double team any of the pairs.
  • The pairs must move around the square passing to each other using their soccer (football) skills, such as shielding the ball, turning and passing the ball into space.
  • Play the game for a couple of minutes, if no one wins a ball, the players go back to jail.
  • It’s a fast soccer (football) game with a fitness, skill and fun angle.

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