Put your opponent under pressure with this soccer drill

Knowing when to tackle an opponent or close them down is an important part of the art of defending. Often players will jump in too soon, or not get tight enough at the right time, in both cases the attacker will have the chance to beat the defender. Use this soccer drill session to get players putting defenders under pressure.
"Keep tight!"

"Get low!"

"Stay on your feet!"

"Don't dive in!"

"Can you steal it?"

These are the things you should be telling your players during this soccer drill.

What you get your players to do in this drill

  • Set up a 30 x 20 yard grid with a 5 x 5 yard target zone.

  • Playing 2v2, the team in possession attempts to beat their opponents and enter the target zone.
  • The defensive pair have to prevent this by pressing the attackers and winning the ball or putting it out of play.
  • The defenders should attempt to force them to play in a narrow area of the pitch; down the touchline on the target side.
  • The first defender can only press when the ball enters the opponents' defending third, then play is live.

soccer drill playing 2v2 to put pressure on defenders