Soccer coaching drill for 2v1 communication support

This drill is 1v1 on the pitch but the defender receives verbal support from his team mate, which is crucial to developing a 2v1 defensive understanding.

It helps players to get used to talking to each other during matches and helping out verbally in situations where players cannot see each other.

Without communication, you have to assume you are defending alone and cannot jump in to challenge the attacker.

In a 30-yard square, use two cones, a ball and a goal – a goalkeeper is not vital but makes it harder for the attacker to score.

How to play it

  1. An attacker at one end passes the ball to an attacker in the middle. This starts a 1v1 with the supporting defender giving advice to his team mate who must try and stop the attacker taking a shot at the goal.
  2. Give examples for the players to call such as “get tight”, “stop the turn”, “show left”, “win the ball”.
  3. Once the ball has been played, the attacker and defender are replaced and a new supporting defender gives advice.

This article is taken from Michael Beale’s Perfect Defending manual.

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